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Buy on Amazon. The rare earth magnet located on the top of the box call is what holds everything together. The magnet is incredibly strong and helps to give more accurate calling and ease of use. Soft yelps, cuts, clucks, and purrs are all richer and easier to make with this magnetic box call. The Primos Box Cutter is a great box call for the more seasoned turkey hunter who is looking for rich quality primos hook up call with added control. This Primos box call is a solid mahogany box with an exotic jatoba lid that greatly enhance the acoustics of the instrument. The best part about this box call is the thumb hold groove where you can rest your thumb to use as a spring that translates into more effective and authentic sounding cuts.

Photo by Wisconsin Dept. Today, the most popular kind of turkey call is the mouth call. While it is more expensive and bulky than the mouth call, the box call is also significantly more realistic sounding and will make it easier for you to bag your next Thanksgiving dinner, provided that you take the time to properly learn how to use it. This is a world champion turkey call that is designed with a two sided construction, giving you the ability to recreate the sound of either a gobbler or a hen. The pivot point is combined with an automatic primos hook up call stop to ensure that you make perfect notes on each stroke.

Primos is proud to re-introduce an old school Snuff Tube Call in one of our favorite old school camo patterns, Mossy Oak Original Bottomland. The Snuff Tube Turkey Call is one of the most versatile of all turkey calls. Clucks, cuts, yelps, and gobbles can all be made from one call.
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Turkey hunters eagerly await the crisp cool months that signal the start of the hunting season. Early misty mornings and changeable weather are greeted as old friends. Rifle hunters and bow hunters you know the feeling, the turkeys are out there. Our aim is to help you decide, based on the comparative info we have compiled, which call or calls meets your needs. We have also included some turkey talk tips and pointers to help you navigate the various wild turkey calls so you primos hook up call determine what gear reproduces those sounds best. The call descriptions below will help you decide which call will provide you with the best leverage for successful turkey hunting this season. Looking for Top Picks in the turkey call market?

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